I am a European Adventurer Part II


1. Arrive. Find hostel – find hostel is actually an hour outside of town. Lament hostel choice.

2. Next morning: meet friends for breakfast at English tea house (? But it is quite good.).

3. Walk outside. No longer lament hostel choice, as we are swarmed by young English lads drunk by 11 am, boasting about last night’s high. We actually have one of those of our very own at the hostel, who we deem “not Russell Brand” both for looks and accent.

4. Get paddle boat, crash into wall several times, get in way of speedboats, see two canals, return paddleboat.

5. Eat dinner at same friend’s house – these two end up being our main source of good times for the next four days, aside from:

Cat named Elvis, who sleeps in the sun at a café, where I similarly do very important work.
The hostel, where we eat breakfast on a school bus and hang laundry in the sun outside our trailer.          


Raindrops and free drinks and schnitzel with noodles.

Remnants of empire and crisp apple strudel.